• Christian Rackley


Summer is not the time to have a faulty air conditioning system. If you are questioning whether

or not your AC unit is working properly, you might want to try the following: 

#1 Air Filter

Take a look at your air filter. Make sure it is clean. If not, you will either need to clean it or change the filter. Follow the instructions from your unit’s manufacturer.

#2 Breakers

Your breakers may have tripped and caused the unit to stop working. If so, in most cases, you can simply flip it back on.

#3 Thermostat

The batteries of your thermostat might need to be replaced. Check your thermostat for a blinking battery light or symbol.

#4 Fan

Look over the exterior of your unit. Is your fan operating properly? Look over your unit’s exterior for an evident damages or other issues.


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