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 We are a company on a mission...To perform at a higher level with hustle, hardwork and a passion for blessing the clients we serve. When Rackley Restoration is called we are on a mission to be that client’s best friend on their worst day! The work we do is important and needs to be done timely, with care and empathy, for those in need. It is an honor to serve a family or business at a time when they need competent and meaningful solutions. A company on a mission....Restoring Hope 24/7.


At Rackly Restoration, we are committed to excellence and will do everything in our power to assure we have delivered! Quality that shows in on time service and in the work we do. Clarity with open and transparent pricing. Empathy from our support teams and the commitment to doing things the Rackley way. No cutting corners, just professionals making it right! 


When Rackley Restoration was founded, there was a focus on creating a compelling reason for the company to exist. The concept was to create a company that could set the pace in doing things the right way. Not by being the biggest or having the most flash, but being honest, caring and quickly responding to those in need...all with fair pricing and a caring spirit. We serve a seven- county area in Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan, where we call home. We will make a difference in the lives of those we serve. The standard of excellence has a new meaning and a new at Rackley Restoration.
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